Developing a Culture of Learning

A Culture of Continuous Learning and Devops

Library - Books checked out and in - most voted purchased.

Confluence page with list of books

Book reviews

2 week cycles on books.

User stories to programming. Book

Buy multiple copies of the same book and discuss.

Small group of people doing it

Physical bookshelf helps.

Dev shops - no one reads books.

Book club

Application of the book

Focus and apply a chapter.

Mentorship programs help a lot with guidance. Where should I start.

Helps to identify which books / resources next.

Audio books.


Some people are happy to learn in their own time but others are not.

Time commitments.

Fortnightly - training - courses - reviews.

Actively encourage people to formalise training and train others.

Dev training - 2 or 3 hour slot on a friday.

Agile training.

Allow time for people to prepare.

Watch videos and pause for discussion

Understand what peoples goals are.

Topics curated and keep track of what people want to learn.

Hard to prepare good training.

Supplementing with external - exams.


Screencasting - Dev training.

Microsoft certification - forced study and learning.

Internal Educate Me.

- You need to look at what people are doing in the sessions.

Sharing experience.

Having curious people.

Having an interestingRead channel

Brown bag sessions.

- Trigger interests / passions in others.

AI Lunch and learn.

Learning from someone that is passionate helps

Run mob programming session and make it open.

- Dev

- QA

- Searching / learning.

Sessions: I've spent 4 days looking at this and this is what I learnt...

Rich session

Drop in centres

People drop in and ask questions about cloud.

Make a place to go and ask.

Selling: Invest in capability / learning vs. just output.

Block time in calendar for learning

Finding a way to eliminate the fear of failure.

Employees only tell management about certification after passing. - Fear of talking about it before passing.

Pairing - note that it is quite exhausting for a few weeks.


(Thanks to Paul Salmon for the notes!)