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Automated Incident Response

Career Progression in DevOps

Chaos Engineering - Panacea or Placebo?

DataOps - getting data out of silos and close to biz

DBA in DevOps - DB as Code

DevOps - The First Steps

DevOps at NZ Scale

DevOps Education

DevOps for DB - DB convertors

DevOps for Startups - right from Day 1

DevOps in Government

DevOps Transformations, pitfalls and confessions

DevOps vs SRE vs CRE

DevSecOps - integrating security into your pipeline

Different Ops

Documentation! How??

Facilitation & Visualisation Tools & Techniques

Great Postmortems

How to implement DevOps

How to sell DevOps to your boss

How to scale open-spaces

How to test changes to pipeline code?

Infrastructure as Code

Kubernetes + OpenShift

Light-weight controls and pipelines (ANZ drive-train)

Monoliths to Microservices

No-ops happens

Observability vs Application Monitoring, Logging, Alerting

On-prem Container Storage

OpenShift Pipelines

Product/Cross-Functional Teams

Prod support - who's responsible?

Responding Quickly

Self-sufficient code-bases in one repo

Shift-left - empower dev to secure apps by design

Supporting and encouraging diversity

Unbiased management

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